A wide gamut of styles
The original collection of Segment patterns is less than 20 surface designs created from a quarter-circle segment. However, when remixed into over 150 new patterns, the spectrum of aesthetics broadens almost to the point of creating a dissociation from one set of patterns to another.
Keep that in mind with this and other remix collections. This method of display isn't ideal and isn't significantly edited down. For the website, it's more about displaying the process and the order of progress than it would be if I needed to choose 5-10 designs for a show. But if you're a hotel and need over 100 unique art pieces that work together, contact me.
All the patterns in this collection are available in chrome yellow, tin yellow, rosso corsa, roseine dye, cobalt blue, Payne's grey, and British racing green. Changing the primary colour can significantly alter what is highlighted in the patterns.
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